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“Stay Humble. Work Hard. Be Kind.”

Lansing Middle School Auditorium

June 2nd, 2019 2:00pm


Recital Pictures

Recital Pictures will be held primarily on May 30th. Some recreational classes will have pictures held on May 31st. Regardless if you intend to purchase Recital pictures or not, we ask that all dancers be present at their scheduled class/company picture times. Order forms will be emailed to you along with the picture schedule. Please have your forms completed before your child’s scheduled picture time. This will be a long day so please pack lunch and snacks for your dancer. Lansing has made it clear that all food is to stay in the hallway and there will be no food allowed in the auditorium or dressing room. Please be respectful to this facility and clean up after yourself.


Recital Rehearsals

Rehearsals are mandatory. Rehearsals will be held on May 31st, 2019 at Lansing Middle School. We ask that dancers arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled rehearsal time. The only two entrances that will be open on this day are the two connecting to the auditorium. If your dancer has pictures scheduled for May 31st please have them in costume with hair and makeup done before arriving. Parents with dancers 6 and under, we ask that you or a designated guardian stay with your child when they are not rehearsing. We also ask that dancers stay in or near the auditorium while waiting for their rehearsal times. Please note that due to the rules of Lansing Middle School, no food or drinks are allowed in the auditorium or dressing rooms. This will be a long day so please pack snacks for your dancer to eat in the commons. Please be respectful to this facility and clean up after yourself.



Each family will receive two complimentary recital tickets. Additional tickets will be $8.00 a piece (tax included). Ticket pre-order forms are available at the studio or on our website. If you would like to purchase more tickets, please either turn in an order form by Thursday May 23rd or purchase them at the door the day of Recital from 1:00-2:00PM. Please note that ticket prices will be $10 at the door. Children four years of age and younger enter for free if they are going to sit on an adult’s lap during the show. There are no reserved seats. Doors will open at 1:30PM.

Recital Day

Please have dancers arrive at Lansing Middle School at 12:45pm. Performers need to arrive in costume, with hair and makeup done when they are dropped off to the dressing room. All dancers will be checked in, please be punctual. We plan on teaching Finale starting at 1:00pm.


Dropping Off/Picking Up Child Day Of Recital

Please drop your dancer off at the check-in table at the dancers assigned room the day of Recital at 12:45pm. We will have designated adults in the dressing room area to watch over the dancers during the show. The same person who drops off their dancer(s) must be the one who picks up their dancer(s). If a different person will be signing your child in or out, please let us know at the check-in table at the time of drop off. We will also ask for a cell number in case we need to get a hold of you during the show. If your dancer has any health concerns such as allergies or emergency medication, we ask that you let us know at check in and if possible, supply medicine with the dancer’s name on it if necessary. All dancers will be part of the Finale, however if your child is done during the first half of the show and you do not want to stay for the second half you may check them out at Intermission.


Video Taping/Flash Photography

We will have a professional videographer that will be taping the show. Personal videotaping during the Recital is not allowed. Flash photography is also not allowed during Recital. However, flash photography will be allowed only during Recital rehearsals. Please be considerate of others. DVD order forms are available at the studio and on our website.


Dressing Room

We are asking that only water be allowed in the dressing room. Due to a concern with allergies we also ask that there be no food allowed in the dressing room. Make sure all of your dancer’s items are appropriately labeled. If any electronic devices are brought, please make sure they are appropriately labeled. Please understand that Perception Dance will not be responsible for lost items. For dancers with multiple dances it may be helpful to bring a laundry basket that dancers can throw costumes in, so they do not lose pieces.


Performance make-up is applied darker to the face than what one would wear daily. All female students need to wear a bright red lipstick with rosy blush and a brown shade of eye shadow. Please line your eyes with black eyeliner and wear mascara. The younger combo classes do not need to apply eyeliner. Company dancers please wear your fake eyelashes and company make up.



All dancer’s must wear their hair in a low bun with a left part unless otherwise noted. Please make sure that your dancer does not have fly away hairs. Hair needs to be slicked back to the dancer’s head using either hairspray or gel. If your child’s hair is too short to put into a bun, please pull the sides of their hair back and secure with a hair tie the color of the dancer’s hair. We suggest using a hairnet the color of your dancer’s hair around the bun to keep fly away hairs secure. Company members hairnets are required for your buns.



Please make sure that dancers have every piece to their costumes. Emails will be sent out listing all costume pieces and hairstyles for each dance. Have your child try their costume on to make sure that you do not need to make any alterations. If your dancer is in multiple dances, please make sure that their costumes are very well organized, labeled, and easy to get to and change in to. We will have volunteers in the dressing rooms to assist with costume and hair changes.


We will be sending out a reminder e-mail about costume pieces that will include shoes and tights. Please be on the lookout for this e-mail! Jazz shoes and tights are available at the studio. Pink ballet shoes and pink tights are required for all ballet dances.


Address of Lansing Middle School

220 Lion Lane

Lansing, Kansas 66043

Please see map for parking and entrances.


All Recital dancers will be performing a short dance at the end of the Recital and come out to take their final bow. For the Finale they need to wear their recital t-shirt which they will be receiving at check-in and their choice of black shorts or black leggings. We will be teaching Finale starting at 1:00pm on show day. All participating dancers need to attend Finale rehearsal.


If you have further questions, please email us at

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