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Perception Dance 2016-2017 Company

Lauren Acree

Gwyneth Allen

Allison Anderson

Juliana Askren

Chris Atkins

Madelyn Austin

Caroline Barker

Lexi Bateman

Skylar Batty

Nikki Bomstad

Bailey Bret

Keira Bret

Tyler Bret

Megan Bridges

Megan Bryant

Jaiden Buckert

McKenna Cain

Sami Clark

Devin Curley

Lauren Dierks

Sophie Dominguez

Sophia Estes

Taylor Fine

Avery Fisher

Miley Fisher

Kendyl Floyd

Jenna Haase

Jessie Haase

Shalise Hannibal

Josie Hayes

Katey Hughes

Caroline Humphrey

Lauren Jarvis

Madison Jensen

Hadley Johnson

Alexis Linnebach

Ella Lorfing

Brooke Mason

Maddie McCool

Olivia Mills

Emily Moore

Ava Moxness

Peyton Panovich

Peyton Peeke

Samantha Pennington

Brooke Peters

Alex Privat

Megan Raach

Grace Rasmussen

Rose Rasmussen

Hannah Redding

Sydney Rice

Kaitlyn Rose

Katherine Rouse

Lauren Sanford

Caitlin Schamberger

Lauren Schath

Emma Schellhase

Saylor Schultz

Chloe Shaw

Hadley Skinner

Seville Skinner

Olivia Soell

Layne Steffen

Eve Steinle

Renee Steinle

Sydney Summers

Mia Talcott

Elle Thomas

Paige Totzke

Erica Transue

Carley Uhl

Addie Ward

Kaylei Wiedenmann

 Emma Williams

Alexandria Wilson

Lucy Wolstenholm

Perception Dance Company and Mini Team


Perception Dance Company is our competitive team that will attend 3 regional competitions, one local convention, as well as, a national competition each year.   Company is for dancers that are interested pursuing their love for dance on a competitive level.  Dancers will experience an advanced level of dance education, teamwork with other company dancers, and friendly competition. 


As a member of Company, the dancer will devote more hours in the classroom learning technique and advanced skills.  They will be required to enroll in Ballet, Technique and Progressions, and other classes, as required by their level.



Mini Team is the first introduction to competitive dance.  It is for the younger dancer, ages 3-6 that is ready to experience competitive dance, without a large time commitment.


Required Mini Team class is Wednesday 5:45 - 6:15.


Our Mini Team is only required to take the Mini Team class, but is encouraged to take a Combo or Jazz class, as well.  Perception Mini Team will attend two regional competitions and recital.


For more details about classes and costs for either team, please contact Perception Dance at (913) 235-1002.



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